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About Patentstarters

We are a patent kickstarter company finding, registering and protecting brilliant ideas, made by the most brilliant people. We supply the world with patents and grow their value through an effective marketing campaign tailored to each Patent individually. Through sales, auctions and especially through infringement procedures against infringers, who use an already patented technology for their own purposes without compensating the patent owner.

The team members of Patentstarters are seasoned in the IP business. We have over 100 years of combined experience in working with patents and even more years in international sales and marketing of concepts. The founders started their patent venture in The Netherlands 4 years ago.

Great inventions, fast and reliable application for patents, well-funded marketing, a global network of sourcing agents, a top level board, a respected investment committee, the power of the blockchain, and the eagle eyes of the public put together… This is a revolution in the invention and the marketing of new ideas, super quick, and super powerful.

We will focus on the following patent themes:

IT related ideas (AI, security, blockchain, crypto and gaming)

Sustainable Energy and Technology


Our Mission is quite simple:
Unlock the World’s Intellectual Property.

Our customers and projects

Our Strategy

What we are proposing is a truly public and transparent system for patents unlike anything that exists today. One that does not rely on institutions to bring inventors, businesses, and investors together.

The Patentstarters method only minimally limits application and the mobility of an innovation, opposed to the traditional, old-fashioned way that is much more limiting. We also offer flexibility through an Ethereum Blockchains’ asset backed Smart Contract.  

We actively and passively protect our patents. Actively by scanning the market with A.I. search engines, and passively by using the whistle blowers in our crowd.

We believe by using this two-way strategy, we can fight more potential infringers than any traditional patent attorney. This infringement fighting strategy will be a big moneymaker for Patentstarters. 

Our smart contracts use dApps to fetch and record all events that impact the value of the patent and inform the public in real-time while doing so. The blockchain consensus mechanism will ensure that incentives are provided, and regulations are met. This is a huge simplification in methodology that is as robust as it is responsive.  

Patentstarters makes monetizing patents accessible for everyone.

With Patentstarters every inventor can profit from patents.

Legal Stable Crowd Token Sale

We offer a fully legal Silent Partnership and bonus Coin Offering, that also allows for a legal form of revenue sharing with investors. We have created a completely legal framework to do this. The Patentstarters approach ensures to our clients a level of certainty in an otherwise volatile and ever trend-changing market.

The Patentstarters Coin are ERC20 based PSC tokens for every ETH (or its counter value) invested, which can be exchanged for any and all services from Patentstarters, from filing new patents to the payment of licence fees, royalties and alike.

The PSC token is the fuel required for the platform to function. None of these services can be executed without PSC tokens payments / settlement.  Thus, the distribution of the service will lead to the increase in demand for PSC tokens, thereby the certainty of the market to ensure the fair price will be attained.

Download our Whitepaper

Patentstarters in 9 steps

Step 01

The inventor

The inventor has a great idea. That idea needs a patent to protect it and make it easier to bring to market successfully, and ideally to make a fortune. When he signs-up at we support him or her throughout the entire process. From protecting to monetisation.

Step 02


We analyse an idea. If we like it, we allocate a sizeable budget to the idea and commercialise that patent.

Step 03

Filing and Building

We use our network, hard work, and existing funding to develop successful brand, marketing and sales strategies underpinned by a sophisticated communications strategy.

Step 04

Smart Contract

We do this in a revolutionary way, by putting the patent on a smart contract, utilising all the benefits of blockchain technology (tokenized governance and transactions). This way we can govern and control all the relevant revenue opportunities.

Step 05

Go public

We will bring the patent and the smart contract to the market.

Step 06

Boost PR and Marketing

Thanks to the backers we will kickstart the idea, and put a highly professional business development, PR and marketing machine in place, all supported with a preferred brand we create, and crisp marketing communications we execute. All to drive up the value, and creating desire.

Step 07

Make money

We sell the idea to businesses the patent covers. Our seasoned strategic sales experts will close the best licence deals possible. When our patent is infringed? Then automated search based on AI will alert our team of proactive lawyers; they will protect our interest to get our fair share as a compensation fee! Fighting infringement cases will be a major source of work and income for us.

Step 08

Receiving Fees

All fees, royalties, settlements, compensation and the like, will be collected in crypto coins by the smart contract directly.

Step 09

Settling Fees

When receiving fees as cryptocurrency, everything is settled automatically with the inventor, Patentstarters and the patent backers. All transactions are made in fiat money.

Initial investment per patent project

We aim to obtain hundreds of patents in the next few years from around the world. Not every patent will be successful. In fact, 97% of all patents are not profitable. Having extensive experience in patent monetization, we know how to filter out the 3% of patents that are successful so that our portfolio is always optimized and maximally profitable.

Recurring investments

Total recurrent investments in branding and sales. Besides the initial allocation of funds, the IP needs nurturing and maintenance. For that reason Patentstarters keeps investing in the IP package as we will show in the next table.

Patentstarters Metrics

Patentstarters Roadmap

Leadership Team

Patentstarters are a team of seasoned experts in gaining patents, legal protection, R&D, Marketing and Sales. 

The team members of Patentstarters are seasoned in the IP business. We have over 100 years of combined experience in working with patents. The founders started their patent venture in the Netherlands 4 years ago, which has led to the establishment of Patents4all BV using the brandnames PatentProfs and Patents4all. These established and profitable companies will be part of the company doing the Crowd Token Sales.

Lucas Wemes


Arjan Kapteijns

PR & Marketing

Glen Cameron

PR &

Arjan van der Maarl

Patent Attorney

Erik Banning

Inventor Ambassador

Deepak Gupta

Patent research

Advisory & Investment Committee

Patentstarters works with an Advisory and an Investment Committee. The Advisory Committee consists of executives and non-executives. The executives run the day to day business of Patentstarters.

Before we accept a patent in our portfolio our Investment Committee analyses the patents potential. Our Investment Committee consists of members with a scientific background and a broad international business experience. 

Robert Meijer MA

Chairman Advisory
Non-executive member

Martin Zuurbier

Non-executive member

Hans Dröge PhD

Non-executive member

Dale Anne Bourjaily

Investment Committee member

Albert Fischer PhD

Investment Committee member

Glen Cameron

Investment Committee member

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